Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays...

You know, this was supposed to be a blog about my life as a breastfeeding mom.  The good news is my life as a breastfeeding mom is no different than the life of a non-breastfeeding mom.  So I have nothing to report.  And really, there is no bad news when you're living a life of a breastfeeding mom, so I'll stop there. 

It's birthday season!!  You know..adrenalin in high gear, sleepless nights coming up with the perfect plan on a budget, throwing that budget out the window and then coming back to it, and the hardest thing of all, trying to top myself from years past.  Really, I'm not and will never be one of those moms who tries to throw a party better than the one her kid went to.  I just don't have the need or capability of being envious and petty like that.  You'll never ever hear me say or have me think, "but so and so did THIS last year so now I want it".  Uh-uh, not me.  And yet, my insatiable need to have all the pieces of the party fit one particular theme drives me insane, in a good way, every single time.  I live for birthday season!!!  Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!

This year's kick off?  Jonathan's FIFTH birthday!!  I can't even believe it.  I am so focused on theme pieces that I cannot concentrate on being upset.  I told him yesterday, "you're going to be FIVE! You're not my baby anymore!"  And he said, very matter of factly, "Mom, I will still be your baby when I'm five.  And when I'm big like Carlitos, I will STILL be your baby," and rolled his eyes and walked away.  Carlitos is his 19 year old cousin who just came from Cuba.  God, I love my eternal baby.  He just knows so much more than I ever will. He's such an old, pure soul.  *sigh*

Anyway, back to birthday season.  I was watching Teen Mom  (Valk, you got me hooked!) on Tuesday and thinking how amazing it must be to be content with such simplicity.  That is not me.  Ray and I get into debates about the size of the party every year. I want something small.  My Napolean-complexed lovebug wants something GRAND!  Invite EVERYONE!  What do you mean there's ONLY 50 people?!?! Invite MORE!  

I hate that many people in my house.  Bryan gets clingy because he hates that many people in his house and instead of enjoying my birthday boy, I have to deal with Bryan and his clinginess and play hostess to a bunch of people.  >:-<

Fortunately (and unfortunately), Ray has a GINORMOUS family and even inviting "family only", we end up with a number in the 40s.  Which is when I start hoping for no shows.  :-P

Oh, back to the fun stuff!!  Do you know how hard it is to plan a complete, head to toe outer space themed party?!?!  I've got the invitations narrowed down from Etsy-- I just have to pick one.   My friend Annette is making an upright rocket ship cake (which will match the invitation).  I've got alien and outer space inspired favors for my gift boxes which will perfectly match my invitation, and I even have a lady who will make a rocket ship piñata (based on the one from the invitation).   I'm impressed with myself.  

My setbacks?!?!  I have a couple.  Food.  I can't think of any space inspired food.  So I'm settling for lasagna.  But I'm open to ideas.  Then there is of course my budget.  And, lastly, trying to find entertainment that matches my theme to perfection hasn't been easy.  He wants a bounce house, but I can't find any that are space like.  Ray said we'll put banners.  That's ok, I guess.  But I want something more precise.  I came up with a few ideas yesterday and will keep you posted once I get prices.  I'm so excited!!!  I mean, you know what I really wanted is someone to come with a chimpanzee because they have been into space.  Hahahahaha, so not kidding.

This work thing is really getting in the way.  Have a great day.  Oh, and Sheella, I love you and want nothing more than to read your blog, but my computer can't handle it! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!


Sheella said...

WOW! I think I would go nuts if I had that many people in my house. LOL.

You can have Tang at your party. :) And I'm procrastinating so I did a quick google search and I found this.

I don't know why you can't see my blog. I embedded a video two days ago of the Beatles. When did you start having trouble?

Sheella said...

oh and what to do you mean your life as a breastfeeding mom is the same as a non-breastfeeding mom?
*shock, horror, disbelief*

I thought if you breastfed you grew a third limb or something. ;P

Sheella said...

and I removed all videos and gadgets from my blog. Is it working now?

Sheella said...

and I meant arm not limb, hahaha.

I keep checking your blog. Sorry I'm in procrastination mode, anything to avoid that stupid book. Even though today is the last day I have to look at it.

Little Miss Me said...

I love the space food!! You're the best!

I am scared to go on your blog because I had to run an antivirus yesterday (which was overdue).

Little Miss Me said...

hahaha, I forgot to tell you, Ray said the same thing about the Tang. He got the stink eye. But it's funny when you say it. Yeahp, double standard. Wahh, waaah, waaaah!

Did you watch Jersey Shore??? You would LOVE that show! It's so freaking hilarious!! Don't tell Kari, but most Jersey Shore people are *just* like that! hahahaha!

Kari said...

Hey, not those of us who live here year round! Just those bennies that come from NY and North Jersey!