Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do You Love my Deer?

Hahaha...they're kind of freaking me out.  But the colors make me so happy!  Freaking fucking deer eating my flowers!  My niece saw Bambi when she was three and was totally traumatized.  I happen to think Disney movies are just so cruel.  I mean really, poor Simba's dad gets killed?  Freaking Nemo's mom gets eaten alive while she's sleeping?!  And all his little fish egg siblings?!!?!?!  And then he is KIDNAPPED?!?!?!  It's way too much for me to handle. 

It is soooooooooo cold here today! I am LOVING it!  I know, I know, don't laugh...I totally get that some of you are freeeeeezing your asses off, and well, we're not, but it is really, really cold for us.  It was 36 degrees this morning when we woke up.  It was awesome.  The only thing that sucks about it being so cold in Miami is that we are not prepared for it.  You know, we own a couple of sweaters-- max, and everything else is super lightweight.  So we've had one week of cold weather and have no idea what to do.  My husband is miserable.  And I am just stupid.  Because I have at least three fabulous coats I never ever get to wear and the one time I could wear any one of them, they are still hanging in my closet while I am freezing.  Our central heat is broken and we never ever worry about it until, of course, it dips below 40 which is usually a total of two times a year.  We've been using a space heater in our room and when you have four people in one bed, you really don't get that cold anyway.  But I feel like streaking outside I am so excited about this weather!

I just don't know how people with children do it.  We are so used to running around outside all year long that more than a week or two of this would be crazy for me.  Major bouncing off the walls cabin fever would occur.  I get that eternal summers aren't for everyone, but I'll keep them.  Have Summer, Will Travel. :-D


AmyBean said...

Yes I can comment.

Valkyrie said...

I hate hot weather. I would be miserable in Florida. I love the Bay Area climate. It is cool all the time. Very rarely, it gets hot. Very rarely. I am much happier in cold/snow/rain/fog anything like that. I hate the sun. It actually makes me crabby. I think it's the Irish in me. The Bay Area climate is very similar to the Irish climate.

We run around outside even when it's cold. Physical activity is much more pleasant in the cool weather. And we love going up to Tahoe and skiing.

Sheella said...

Well we are on like week number three of not reaching the freezing point. Bella hates it. Every time we leave the house we have to spend ten minutes wrapping ourselves up. And I'm making her wear tights underneath her pants to keep her legs warm, and whenever we are inside for too long she complains about the heat. I think I'm just used to it. I kind of like it actually. We haven't had a real cold winter in a looong time. Its nice. But yeah other than wrapping ourselves up nothing is changed. I have taken Bella to the playground once a week. LOL