Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh yeah!

That's right, ladies...The Bachelor starts tonight!!  My longstanding run of really bad TV stands! Woo hoooo!

I'm not too happy that it's Jake.  I was really hoping it would be Reid. I was really hoping that I would get an entire season, with two hour long snapshots of Dreamy Reid.  Instead, I get Glittery Pilot Cap Jake.  Not too happy.

Anyway, my absolute favorite blog for the Bachelor is here.  She is so freaking funny and she does liveblogging, which is even funnier. 

Make sure to come back here and tell me what you think.  I'll be Tivoing and watching it as soon as I can get the boys to sleep.  Oh yeah!!


Valkyrie said...

I just can't freakin' believe he gave the psycho stalker Michelle a rose! WTF? Do they tell him who he has to pick to create more drama? And what's with Jillian and what's his name showing up? Oh yeah, Ed. Ed totally cuckolded Jake. Do you think Jake really values his opinion? lol

I am indifferent to Jake, but I just watch for the women anyway. I love the drama and the cat fighting. That's what entertains me. I hardly ever actually like the bachelor dude. I liked one but I can't remember his name. Jake is too All American pretty boy for me. I hate blindie men. Retch!

Valkyrie said...

Oh, I meant blondie men. Hahaahaha I don't know what blindie men are.

Little Miss Me said...

Jake is HOT-HOT-HOT. And even with all that hotness, I would punch him in the face. His lame ass said "dynamite" and not in the fabulous way J.J. from Good Times used to say it.

Ugh, and the girls?! WTH?!?! I love that the producers caught everyone falling. Dumb asses. The chauvinist in me has a real problem with them acting the way they do on the show. I am much more tolerant of the men on the Bachelorette.

As it stands now, I don't know if I can continue to watch. But it might be too pathetic not to.