Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's 32 degrees

in Miami.   I just walked outside in a tank top and my pajama bottoms to see our outside thermostat.  Holy hell!  Today reminded me so much of my time in New York City.  It was bitter cold, wet and Miami.  It has been drizzling all day long in this eerie Chinese water torture fashion.  The temperature has continued to drop as the day's gone on.  I can't even believe it.  I must have asked Ray three times to tell me again what he'd heard about the polar shifts he came home talking about when Apocalypse first came out.

We had a birthday party to go to in a park and we couldn't stand it.   And I love the cold.   I had a scarf, coat and gloves on.  I still thought my toes were going to fall off.  I kept all my winter clothes but my wool socks must have traveled to the Bermuda Triangle because I can't find any.  Any socks, that is...wool or not.

There was a wind chill advisory in effect.  At 1:00 pm.  I seriously feel like I'm living in an alternate universe.

There was this day in was October, right around Halloween.  I had just moved into my own apartment in Astoria, right above some bar with a beautiful brick front, just around the corner from a bunch of Greek bakeries, the fresh pastry smell following me home each day.  I was walking down my block to the market when snow flurries starting coming down.  It was way too early in the season for snow flurries.  I remember the darkness, the clouds, the humidity, the peace.  I remember going home and taking a nap.  When it's cold and you live alone, that's all you can do to pass the time.  While they didn't happen often, those were the days that waiting on the subway platform in Astoria for the N or the R to come through, on their weekend schedule, was out of the question. 

When I got back in the car from the birthday party, I threw off my boots and blasted the heater in an attempt to feel my toes again.  I was instantly thrown back to February 2000...walking around the Theater District and Hell's Kitchen in 5 degree weather.  I had two pairs of socks on, both wool, but the cold was biting through anyway.  Looking for an apartment in Manhattan can be hell.  It must have been the shoes...  I never did understand that sometimes, fashion and function just can't mix.

That 2000/2001 winter was brutal.   It barely snowed but was colder, much, much colder than usual.  There really isn't any point to the cold if you aren't going to be blessed with snow as well.  That pretty sums up what I'm feeling right now. 

Except me and the Kuks got to spend the day cuddling.  And that probably wouldn't have happened if we'd had our normal, sunny and gorgeous 80 degree days.   I'm not complaining.


Valkyrie said...

I love the cold! But you definitely need some warm socks for those kinds of temps! It's been pretty cold here too lately, and I love it. But I have lots of warms socks. And the cold for sure makes cuddling sssoooo much nicer.

Jodi said...

NO socks? That is so mind boggling to me. I have probably three different types of wool socks in my drawer - I highly recommend the Smartwool kind. They have the warmth of wool but are super soft and not scratchy like traditional wool. I also have thick wool pants to wear in place of like ski pants. ANd Carhart coveralls. It gets reallllly cold sometimes, dude. And Sorel boots.

And you were certainly correct about fashion and function not really mixing, like at all.

I think I really appreciate the four seasons we have. I would get so dang sick of the same thing over and over....I have weather ADD! LOL!

I love hearing about your time in NYC - I can almost feel what you are talking about. <3<3<3

Sheella said...

wait I thought it did snow? My brother said his friend was talking about snow. I definitely feel for your feet. Like I have two pairs of boots. The pretty ones and the warm ones. and I have actually worn the pretty ones more often, and I suffer from cold feet because I'm going to look good darn it.

I'm glad you got to spend some time cuddling with the kids. :)