Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Moving

my Bachelor blog.  I don't even know how I got started doing a Bachelor blog...actually, that's not true.  I do know.  I miss my friends, man.  First, there was the constant contact of myspace groups, then we moved to another forum, and then facebook...  all of which I have left.  And I miss my friends.  I miss the stuff girls talk about when they don't want to talk about their kids.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I have my local friends who I see and spend time with, but never without something else drawing my attention away.  We're either at the park, trying to enjoy each other while we keep an eye on our (and other people's) children, or we're at work trying to shoot the shit before someone important sees us.  This other group of friends, while distant, was different.  Our meeting place was here...this computer...and we knew that if there was another distraction (like a 2 year old pulling on my arm right now yelling boobie!!), no one had to know about it unless we decided to discuss.  It wasn't necessarily pulling at us and from each other.

So yeah, that's how I got the Bachelor blog started.

I've moved.  You can now find it at  If anyone knows how to transfer blogs over to another, please let me know.  I want to move the Bachelor blogs from here over there.

xoxo.  See you guys tomorrow! :)


AmyBean said...

I think you just have to cut and paste.

Are you keeping this one? Because I don't watch the Bachelor, but if you're not gonna be blogging here then I'll have to follow you over there.

Little Miss Me said...

yes, yes...totally keeping this one. I just felt weird mixing my worlds. lol.

I feel so scattered, like I can't stick to a topic EVER! I don't know why this surprises me since that's how I really am anyway.

So the other blog is just going to be about reality tv. This one is going to be more personal and about me.


Jodi said...

YAY!!!! Do you watch Teen Mom? I'm soooo excited!

Right now, I'm just killing time before the Bach starts....

BTW, I miss you. A lot. <3

Jodi said...

Is it up yet? Is it up yet? Huh? Huh? Huh?

I tried copying and pasting the url but it went nowhere.....Wahhhhh!

I'll try to be patient but you know how that goes....

Little Miss Me said...

Jode, can you get to it now? I just tried the link and it worked and Sheella's over there, too.

Let me know! :)

Valkyrie said...