Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PC - I'll tell you what bothers me!

A friend of mine just blogged about political correctness and how annoying it is.  I would linky up, but I don't know how to.  It made me think of what really annoys me.  And that's the political correctness surrounding breasts. 

My breasts have always been gorgeous.  And natural.  And soft and silky and all that is good and sexy and for half of my life, I've used them to my sexual advantage.  And I continue to do so.  I have no problem with cleavage and the power it gives you.  I have the luxury of living in a climate where plunging shirts are not only the norm, but a near necessity.

I have also been nursing every single day of my life for the last four years, nine months, eight days and forty-three minutes.

And I'm still perfectly ok with knowing that not only can my breasts raise two healthy, happy, intelligent gorgeous boys, but they can still get me out of a ticket once in a while.  And can always get my husband excited. 

I am surrounded all day with women who have a problem with this.  Whether it's women who don't want to breastfeed because they think the breasts are only sexual and that having a baby on the other end is ew! gross!  Or women who are offended by the sexualization of the breast because gosh darn it! breasts are for making milk and nothing else.  And really, I just want to know why they aren't, or can't be for both?  I mean, mine are, but what about yours?

I wanted to do our Breastfeeding Dept's Holiday Party at Hooters.  Not only because I really do love their fresh oysters, but because what I love most about being a mom who successfully nurses her two boys is that I can do it without being this wholesome, crunchy granola mom who thinks that anything short of using breasts for lactating purposes only somehow makes you less of a lactivist or untrue to "the cause", and instead, use my multitasking breasts for all their glory.   What better way to bring those two worlds together than by having a bunch of IBCLCs and future IBCLCs enjoying lunch surrounded by big, juicy breasts?!

Don't fret-- it was at some hibachi place. :-/

My breasts aren't as fabulous as they used to be.  Truth be told, I'm not as fabulous as I used to be either, being about 30+ lbs heavier than I need to be.  But, man, oh man, they've done a lot of good in their short life, and maybe one day, I'll even repay them with a little pick me up. 


Valkyrie said...

I'm on the same page! I feel the same way about my magnificent breasts. Not only did they nourish my babies, which is so amazing and awesome and miraculous to me, they also remain the beloved play things of my lover. They can be both. They should be both. They are beautiful things.

You know, the one advantage I have seen in being 30 pounds heavier than what *I* should be is that I have the best boobs I've ever had in my life. They are truly spectacular!